RCRF update

The mammoth task of moving the University of Alberta Libraries’ collections from the Book and Record Depository (BARD) to the new Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF) is underway. As the conduit  through which a huge portion of items from libraries across Alberta are transferred, this move has inspired a number of questions from staff across the consortia.

What is the RCRF?
The RCRF is a state-of-the-art storage facility where UAlberta’s Archives and the collections, previously held at BARD, will call home. It has been approved for Heritage Canada’s Movable Cultural Property designation –  the highest international standard for cultural preservation. UAlberta Archives relocated there in late 2017, and is now accepting appointment requests from researchers wishing to view archival materials.

Where is the RCRF?
The RCRF is conveniently located on South Campus, a short walk from the South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park LRT station. Here is a map to orient you.

Why is the collection at BARD moving?
Quite frankly, BARD is at capacity. The RCRF is larger and can support the growth of UAlberta’s collection in the coming years.

What services will be available at the RCRF?
The RCRF’s primary function is to be a storage and preservation space. Users who wish to borrow circulating items stored at the RCRF will have to place holds on them through the online catalogue, and have them sent to the NEOS library of their choice.

Access to materials housed in archives and special collections can be facilitated through appointment only. Researchers can make appointments to view archival material at the RCRF by emailing archives@ualberta.ca.

How will the move affect NEOS libraries?
There may be a delay in receiving items stored at BARD, as there will always be some portion of the collection in transition to the new facility. Items that are waiting to be moved from BARD will circulate, as will items that have been moved and ingested into the RCRF. To help ensure users get their item in a timely manner, requests for items available at another NEOS library, in addition to at BARD, will be filled by the non-BARD item whenever possible.

What’s happening with NEOS Connect?
Until further notice, activities associated with NEOS Connect will continue at BARD. Affected libraries will be given ample notice before it moves to the RCRF.

NEOS Connect… What’s that?
NEOS Connect is the service where items from various libraries are received, sorted and sent on to fill holds across the NEOS system or back to their home libraries when no longer needed. It has traditionally been located at BARD and will eventually move to the RCRF.

Where should courier deliveries be directed?
For now, keep sending deliveries to BARD. Approximately two weeks before the RCRF becomes the new destination, CJ de Jong will send out an email to notify affected libraries of this change.

How do I find out more information?
You can contact Anne Carr-Wiggin at anne.carr-wiggin@ualberta.ca!