GPRC Fairview Campus Library’s special staff member

You might have known our library as Fairview College Library in early 2000; then in 2004 we merged with NAIT and left NEOS but in 2009 we came back as GPRC Fairview Campus Library! The institutional name may have changed but we still have the same unique subject areas in our collection. Fairview Campus primarily offers trades and apprenticeship programs, Animal Health and Power Engineering. 

Over the years we have changed our ‘library spaces’ to include study pods, a quiet study area and a large open area where group studying is encouraged and have decreased the space required for our book shelves.

What has not changed is our special staff member, NEOS the cat. He came to us in 2003 as a stray and has been with us ever since. Students and staff are always dropping in to see him. The first question we get from returning apprentices is ‘Where is NEOS?”.   Even if you cannot visit him in person, you can become NEOS’s friend on FaceBook – he has his own page Neos the GPRC Fairview Library Cat!

NEOS was an abandoned kitten that was rescued by the Animal Health Program staff. AT the same time, the Library staff had been contemplating getting a cat as the College Library is located by the farm and mice would occasionally come in, so the library adopted him.  He is an important member of the library team with his own job as mouse control officer and stress relief provider. His personality suits a library – he is not a highly active cat and sleeps lots. He also senses when patrons are not interested in him so he is not a nuisance but will come running to greet his favourite people. Many of our students are away from home and miss their pets, so they come to see him regularly. During exam time we can usually find him curled up on someone’s lap or beside them while they are studying.

NEOS lives in the library 24/7, he can go outside if he pleases but refuses to go out during the winter months. He has been with the library over 14 years. 

He gets many ‘perks’ being a library cat:

  • Lots of indoor roaming room
  • Free library membership
  • Free medical care from our Animal Health Technician Program
  • Meet new people
  • Read all the books he wants