About NEOS

Established in 1994, NEOS is a cooperative library consortium consisting of government, hospital, college and university libraries throughout Alberta.

Member libraries participate in many activities, including but not limited to, the development and maintenance of a shared on-line integrated library system; a shared electronic catalogue of consortium holdings; a shared patron database; onsite services such as reciprocal borrowing and reference services; an interlibrary loan service supported by a document delivery distribution system; collaborative electronic database subscriptions; cooperative collection development; and shared continuing education and staff development activities.

Mission Statement:

NEOS is a cooperative consortium of member libraries providing access to information in a cost-effective manner. It does so through the sharing of people, technology, collections and other resources. In doing so, NEOS provides a strong voice for its members and clients.

Vision Statement:

NEOS : a dynamic and evolving model for library cooperation and resource sharing.